Lucas Paving recently did our shared driveway/road. We had put off this project for several years, as we had been very stressed out about taking it on for several reasons, which I won’t belabor in my YELP review.

Paving a road is very expensive and very stressful. Often, agreements and negotiations have to be made with your neighbors. If anything goes wrong, not only will you suffer, but also you will suffer the wrath of your neighbors. And once your road has been torn up, there is no going back- so you better have real professionals handling the job. I cannot say enough about Lucas Paving. They come in with the GIANT equipment (several trucks and dozers), a full highly skilled crew, and then they systematically, efficiently, and skillfully pound the job out.

The owner is on site overseeing the job, he communicates directly with you, and even gets on the steamroller himself. The crew worked unbelievably hard and were incredibly neat and efficient. The new street was finished in record time, it is beautiful and the neighborhood was cleaned up before they left.

Lucas Paving made a very stressful project as stress free as possible. We are thrilled with their work.
— Helena | Yelp Review

Have a private or shared roadway that needs to be repaired, resealed or perhaps removed and replaced? We understand that getting everyone on your street ready for the project can be difficult so we are here to make the process easier for you. Call us today and we can divide your estimate between homeowners based on square footage to make it simple for everyone to get on board. We will walk to job with you to answer all your questions or concerns and maintain steady communication with all homeowners until job completion.